How do you work this thing?

The Costume Museum of Canada has some temporary space (with the novel experience of having LIGHT!) to do some cataloguing and photographing of pieces.  Yesterday, they started something new.  Every Tuesday evening, there is now a time slot for us working stiffs to come in and do some volunteer work.  We POOR  slaves are forced to paw over various items that have been basically lost in the pile!  Then we have to inspect them very closely and make copious notes about details and condition  Oh, poor me!  The torture!  I’m likely to die of pleasure! These notes will hopefully soon be put on computer so the items can be found easily.

But, I did have an obstacle to over come!  The elevator.  The elevator came down.  The door opened.  A guy came out.  I tried to step in but the door slammed shut!  So I pushed the button again.  I could still see through the window that the elevator was still there but the door didn’t open.  What the H-E double hockey sticks?  Luckily the guy realized I was foiled by modern thinking and told me I had to open the door with the HANDLE.  Ohhhhh!

I open the door, go in and push the floor button.  The door closes but I don’t go anywhere.  I push the button again.  The gears in my brain slowly start turning over and I pieced it all together.  This is an old elevator.  The kind that used to have an elevator operator.  Mercy.  I had to also close the cross-bar type door as well to get this puppy going.  Once I got it going, I was very pleased with myself and my ability to adapt to the olden days.  I was also pleased no one, thus far, could afford to rip this pretty doll out and put in a “real” elevator!  As the elevator moved, I realized the reason for the cross-bar door.  The elevator opened on both sides.  The cross bar door kept you away from the walls of the shaft (sorta) as the elevator moved.  The other doors kept people outside of the elevator from falling down the elevator shaft when the elevator was not there. Pretty isn’t it!


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