Cooks Creek Medieval Festival or new family tradition

Had a great time at the Cooks Creek Medieval festival.  Not my genre but still oodles of fun.  My son dressed up willingly.  The husband dressed up sacrificially.


The festival is held to raise funds to keep this Catholic church in good repair.


This is the interior of the church.  Really quite lovely.


A bird rescue group had a few birds on display.


There were plenty of photo ops.


And some superior costumes out there…


….unlike my “slightly better than a department store Halloween special”.  I whipped it up from a Burda pattern (didn’t even deviate from the colors on the packaging.)


The over skirt is a bit on the short side.  When you hurry you make mistakes, but I really don’t mind it this way.  I don’t care enough to research and perfect for this era.  Nor do I care enough to try to fix this, which I think I could with a bit of work.

The jousting was the thing I most looked forward to seeing at the festival! The horses were really quite lovely but they are dangerous and HUGE!  During one of the warm up sessions, one of the knights was thrown by the horse and ended up with a concussion and broken shoulder.  The speaker commented that jousting is not necessarily dangerous…but horses can be.


Even the armor was lovely!


The event will happen again in two years time and I will be going again!  Let’s see if I can get my family in on it again!


4 thoughts on “Cooks Creek Medieval Festival or new family tradition

  1. rachelcarli says:

    you guys look great!! looks fun 🙂

  2. Seems like you had lots of fun there, I can judge this by your pics. The costumes looks so perfect and ideal for both medieval as well as renaissance festival.

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