HSF 14: Challenge 16 Terminology

What the item is: a narrow decorative strip done by tablet weaving.
What the term is: Tablet weavingphoto 2
This is a “new to me” technique that I discovered at a Viking reenactment village. I taught myself from sites on-line. The band is not complete yet but the make do loom is part of the learning process for me so I included it in the photo.
I like this new hobby and I have 4 goals: 1) get or make a more authentic and or convenient loom. 2) master more complex patterns. 3) improve my tension so the width of the strip is consistent across its entire length (the first 2 feet of this strip is funny-it looks like a string of sausages!) 4) try it in the more authentic wool-which is freakishly expensive.

The Challenge: Terminology-Tablet weaving


Fabric: none

Pattern: The pattern is not a well known one. I was trying for a well known one but I made a mistake (I know what I did wrong so next time will work out better) so now it is a made by me pattern. Lets pretend I planned it that way okay?

Year: Goes back to the iron age

Notions: cards and some sort of loom (I used two vise grips) and a shuttle (I cut grooves into a soft plastic ruler).photo 1

How historically accurate is it? 40%. I think they used wool not cotton for their strips. They did not use vise grips or rulers and probably not playing cards!

Hours to complete: Not done yet but it does go fairly fast. I took about 2 hours to set up. It takes about 10 minutes per inch so I think when it is done it will be 18 hours for 3 yards.

First worn: not yet. I don’t know what I’m going to use it on.

Total cost: The vise grips were given to me from my father’s estate. The ruler was $2 and the cards were $3. I bought 4 balls of cotton at $6 each. So $29. I wont use all of the cotton so it will go into my stash to be used in another project that I will count as money saving as it was stash busting!


2 thoughts on “HSF 14: Challenge 16 Terminology

  1. Katariina says:

    Hi, If you like to read about tablet weaving more, I recommend a book named Applesies and fox Noses finnish Tabletwoven Bands made by Maikki Karisto and Mervi Pasanen. They also have group in Facebook, Lautanauhat/Tablet weaving. There you can see bands that they or members have done and you can ask advice if you have problem. There Mervi also shows how she makes her loom. I have done now couple of those bands in that book and can’t wait when I can make next one.
    This is a hobby is very absorbing. 🙂

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