Victorian Charm strings

Last month, I learned about something new…Victorian charm strings-I may make one of these one day.  I read about it on the Costume Museum of Canada’s blog.  I wont re-write what is a fantastic explanation on the link about charm strings.  Basically, it is a button collection that has been added to a string and it was a hobby done by young women.  This appealed to me because as a child, I used to love to play with my grandmothers button jar.  I loved to sort by size or color.  I liked to find ones that had several matching mates but the one-offs were the best.  They were usually kept all by their lonesome because of some remarkable trait or beauty!

I still like buttons.  (Remember me telling you about wanting to sink my arms into the barrel of buttons?)

sr fabrics 1Anyway, the next time I was at the museum, I asked about the charms and got to see them first hand.  I took some photos of my favorites for your pleasure. This first one is like the cut steel ones I got given to me a couple of months back.

photo 5

This next one is just a pretty color.


photo 6

There is a leaf pattern in this one.
photo 7

The picture doesn’t do this justice…it was shiny…oooo, so shiny.

photo 8

Again, a nice colored one.

photo 9

More cut steel with a star pattern in 10

Hey!  The anchor pattern is still being made today!  I think I used it for one of my outfits! photo 11

A dog button…I want one!photo 13

The god 15


There were some many others but I did have to stop and get some work done!



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