Fall outing…more photos

Shirley has her photos from Saturday’s outing available now so here are some of the best ones from her.10006989_580108842092970_3045119230173902729_n 10151316_580108838759637_3519730734755165225_n 10418927_580108715426316_3107405408600918078_n 10451705_580109242092930_160210932255866773_n 10624782_580109208759600_1757437260128765453_n 10641031_580109008759620_4692968846499159281_n 10653586_580108858759635_1800734295453219222_n 10665332_580109305426257_3224900429066036468_n 10672375_580109368759584_3559480722604556136_n 10703566_580109478759573_5469132666189865955_n


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