Tuesday’s Treasure: 1880’s wedding dress

The Costume Museum of Canada has had a small pop up exhibit called the Little Black Dress.  As the title implies, the exhibit has shown some black dresses from the 1880’s till now.  I had one last glimpse of this exhibit last night and took some more photos of the details on some of the dresses.

I have chosen this dress for today’s post.

1880 wedding dress

1880 wedding dress

It is beyond me why the photo looks blue.  The dress is in fact black.

The false vest and lapel are done in a velvet

The false vest and lapel are done in a velvet

Those are nice little black buttons.

Back view

Back view

The back isn’t too dramatic but you do get a peek at the more modern dresses in the room.

Side view.

Side view.

It is a bit blurry but you can see the cuff is also done in the velvet.  The key thing I learned from seeing this dress is the exact placement of the watch pocket.1880 wedding dress e

Between the second dart and the side seam and about an inch up from the hem.  This pocket might have been piped and the silk has since shattered.  The flap is fake.  The watch goes behind the flap, not under it.

I think I’d like to add watch pockets to many of my dresses. I think they look practical and interesting.

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