From Bristol

This little cabinet card is from Bristol and is of a very daunting woman.  If she were a school teacher there would be no fooling around!  She seems well dressed so I’d guess she has a house full of well behaved servants!  She is pointing to a newspaper.  I wonder if that has meaning or if it is just a pose intended to indicate intelligence and power.SAM_2488

Judging by the sleeves and hat, I’d put this photo at late 1890’s.  And it is obvious why I picked this photo.  Look at that hat!  It is adorned with ostrich feathers and wrapped in a sheer fabric-perhaps netting.  There is a pin at her throat and a watch chain under that.  I’m going to have to get a longer chain for my watch and try to copy that look.  There is something sticking out of the chain that I can’t make out even when I zoom in but I’m guessing its function is to keep the chain from tightening around her neck.  The watch itself is tucked into the opening of the bodice.  How I’d like to get in there! (Oh, clean up your dirty minds!) I want to know what is keeping the weight of the watch from pulling it deeper into the bodice.  Is there a pocket? Or is the inner layer of the bodice snug enough to pin the watch up against her body?

The sleeves and yoke are heavily decorated with lace and possibly beads.  This adds to my suspicion that I could spend next year bringing my existing dresses up a notch or two by merely adding more detail.  The trick will be bringing my dresses up a notch and making my self look stylish and powerful like the lady above and not looking like a crazy Victorian clown.  Just where is that line?


One thought on “From Bristol

  1. matt says:

    Love the blog it so cool keep it

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