Oh no! I broke my no wool vow

In my defense, I needed the wool to finish a project I am working on!  I swear!

I am working on this project that I found on Pintrest (a.k.a the devils time vortex).

I have several blocks made from my stash.photo (2)But I ran out of appropriate wool.  So, you see, this fits my “no new wool unless I need it to finish a specific project” rule.photo

Unfortunately, this batch is for another Pintrest project that definitely was not stash busting.photo (3)There is a definite danger of me starting this project before I finish the previously mentioned project (or the 52 other projects I have started.) I have AKD: Attention Knitting disorder.  As well as ACD and ASD (same disorder for crochet and sewing.)  That is why my UFO pile is monstrous.



Creativity, sometimes = mess

My older boy is out of the country for Christmas (again! Insert pouty face here!) When I  asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said something thoughtful and personal.  Crap.  He couldn’t ask for money like everyone else’s kid?  I finally decided to pretend that he is going to miss us on Christmas day as much as we will miss him and therefore would like a scrap book of family memories with a heavy dose of Christmas past in there.  (I can tell you because he’d never read my blog…to him, mom is a costume NERD!)

When I was done my project I looked around me.  I looked to the right.photo 3

Not too bad…. Then I looked to my left.photo 2

Probably needed a garbage and recycling box next to me.  Hind sight is 20/20.

And straight ahead we see the near completed project and more mess.photo 1

There is a couple of pages from the book at the bottom of the photo.  Was I ever really that young and thin?  And to think I felt old and fat.  Perspective, truly, is everything!

I’m pleased with how it turned out.  I hope he will like it.

Man in the middle


For your pleasure…a pretty beat up tintype of a man and 3 women.  I would guess this is some type of family unit (A man and his 3 sisters? Is the woman on the right the mother?)  The woman on the right has a distinctly 1880’s look so that is what I’m estimating the date on this to be.  I’m really enjoying the view of the purses.  I tend to go for the reticule look because I can make it but perhaps I need to look at trying to make a “purse” for one of my dresses.

Photo app

I was playing with my phone app the other day and I altered one of my photos from the Halloween Outing Shirley and I went on.  I turned this…

12774_591545904282597_2358923074543678187_nInto this…..Fright night at the old fort

With the exception of the date and time on the corner, doesn’t it look like one of those post-mortem photos?

You could say that modern times definitely beats Victorian times when it comes to photography options…though, artistically, I still prefer my manual film camera.