How I spent my Halloween Night

In my previous post, I shared that Shirley and I went to the old fort for their Fright Night.  We had a smashing good time with ghost stories and creepy people jumping out at us.  On the actual night of Halloween I was back at the fort…this time as a volunteer scaring people.  They put me in the Governor’s House in the diningroom and told me I could do what ever I wanted to…just don’t break anything.

So I started off at the near dark dinning room table…I sat on the replica chair…and starred down at the real 1819 plate and tried praying like a crazy person.  (Mostly because I scared myself remembering the story that one of the other volunteers told me…she saw a ghost in the basement and refused to go in there at night).  What I was doing wasn’t scary enough.  So then I tried screaming “get out” at the people but that just came across as annoying.  So finally I ended up hiding behind the bedroom door.

This is a selfie of me hiding behind the door looking through the crack for "guests".

This is a selfie of me hiding behind the door looking through the crack for “guests”. This is the best my phone could do in the near black conditions.

When I saw the guests, I’d stomp my feet and close the door as quickly as I could without slamming it. (One does not slam a door that is over 180 years old-structurally speaking!) Then I’d scream and rattle the door knob.  It wasn’t the scariest part of the night but my intention was only to build up tension.  In the first room they are told two men are dead but one of the bodies is missing and they should help the girl find the body or she will be in trouble.  In the next room-the parlour, there is a creepy picture that changes and creepy music…just a small build up.  Then there is me…small build up.  In the next room they find the body.  Suddenly a woman screams jumps out of the dark swinging a plastic axe.  They scream and run out the room! If they don’t run away she blows out the candle and the room is totally dark…all the guests can do is go to the hall which is still partially lit.  The girl then starts singing a creepy song to their back. Great fun to watch!

After that  the guests went down stairs and saw the servants eating and playing with “raw” human looking meat.  And after one more sneak up behind and scare, they run out of the house and head to a different building.     All  in all a successful night.  One woman in the house got so freaked out she started to cry and they had to get all of the staff and volunteers to come out in the open and stop what they were doing so they could get her out of the house.  Someone fainted in the haunted warehouse and someone else kicked the paper mache Windego  in the face.

Because it was Halloween night and many folks were elsewhere engaged, there was large chunks of time where I was just sitting in the dark.  I got bored so I pulled out my phone.  I was surrounded by antiques that I couldn’t see so I used my flashlight app….  Scared the crap out of myself when I panned the room and saw 3 (2)

It was a prop for the day time kids program being held in storage.  That thing had been staring at me all night and I didn’t see it!  photo 2

Creepy b***tard.


2 thoughts on “How I spent my Halloween Night

  1. SandysJar says:

    hate to laugh, but you kind of have to. Trying to scare others and scaring yourself. Been there he he.

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