HSF 14: 20 Alternative Universe-AKA I’ll never wear these

photo 2

But, I’m out of my slump so don’t stop me now!

What the item is: knitted spats. I can’t see myself using these but I think my niece might.

The Challenge: 20 Alternative Universe

Fabric: white acrylic wool (worsted weight)

Pattern: Taken from this site http://mrsgreene.info/2010/11/crochet-pattern-victoriansteampunk-ruffled-spats/%60

Year: n/a

Notions: 4 buttons F sized crochet hook

How historically accurate is it? not at all!

Hours to complete: about 8

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $6 for buttons. The wool was given to me.

HSF 14: #23 Modern History

So, Saturday was particularly productive.  I completed 2 projects and got half way through another.  The second completed project is for the Modern History Challenge….make something using a historical pattern but adapt it for modern wear.  This is my submission.photo (1)

What the item is: chainmail bracelet

The Challenge: modern history

Fabric: n/a

Pattern: European style chainmail

Year: this style was common from the middle ages

Notions: rings

How historically accurate is it? Pattern for weave is accurate and I believe the rings are accurate as well as far as metal content size and shape. They never would have made a bracelet out of it. 50%

Hours to complete: 2

First worn: for photo

Total cost: $8

Found my mojo and HSF 22: Men’s wear

This Christmas, I have had 4 days off of work and I’m not ashamed to tell you I spent MOST of it in my Pj’s.  This down time has given me time to truly relax and just be and lo, my mojo is back!  So yesterday,I looked at the HSF challenges that I have missed and thought “I can submit something for all of them if I craft and craft during these Christmas and New Years holidays.  Yes they will be weak but they will be something!  Incentive (do all the challenges) and motivation (sadly lacking since my Dad’s death)!  So here is the first one….

 This is very lame…a man for men’s wear!  It is also a redo of another attempt that I wasn’t very satisfied with.  (Shown here)
What the item is: Memorial jewelry in honor of my father. Victorians often wore such jewelry when in mourning…either a painting or hair samples or the initials of the deceased.
photo 1 (1)

The Challenge: Menswear.

Fabric: n/a

Pattern: n/a

Year: Victorian

Notions: jewelry findings

How historically accurate is it? Concept is correct but it is a modern photograph and modern findings that only faintly hint at Victorian style. 15% perhaps? I might wear it with my mourning costume though…who knows

Hours to complete: with shopping-1

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $15


In knitting mode

I’ve been having a terrible time getting myself motivated to sew again (I have plans to MAKE myself do some today).  I have no trouble getting myself to knit-probably because I can do it sitting on my couch watching Netflix…  I have been thinking that I might need to make myself another shawl (which I don’t really need) so that I can get myself moving in the Victorian creations again.  I have a pattern that I photographed from a book.  I think it is from a Girls Own Annual book that I had borrowed for a bit.  So the pattern would be late Victorian early Edwardian.SAM_1097

Trouble is…I’d have to break my “no new wool until I use up what I have” rule.  I guess if I double the pattern, this could be a baby blanket and then I can use up stash wool.  But, no progress in Victorian costuming…sigh.  I do have some red wool that really is wool but would they have made a red shawl?

Now into the fun times of Christmas

I could really do without all the bustle of Christmas…I really could.  But I do enjoy it when all the work starts to pay off.  The gatherings.  (Our clan heads out onto the lake for some hockey before dinner). photo 2The “Yessss” feeling when you get or give the perfect gift.  The food, mmmmmm.  photo 3Last night was one of those times.  I am content.

photo 1


I have a weird job

I work in recreation in a nursing home and sometimes I find myself thinking about how truly  odd my job actually is.  In January we will be having an intellectual program in honor of Squirrel Day.  Yes, you read that correctly…Squirrel Day.  We will have pictures and facts about squirrels around the world.  There will be jokes, trivia and music (Google don’t fail me on Squirrel content music!) We will have acorn themed food (muffins baked in an acorn shape).  And there will be decorations.  We will pull the strips of fake grass out of storage and run them along the table and then adorn it with paper origami squirrels.squirrel 1 I found a book at a garage sale that has the paper painted like the animal you would make.  I’ve just photocopied the squirrel one 30 times.  Then I folded (that word doesn’t sound right) them. Who has a job where they spend a couple of hours folding origami squirrels?  squirrel 2Then I put them in a container and plan my squirrel costume.squirrel 3 Madness!

Last Tuesday’s Treasure: Boots

I have three pairs of boots to show you that are part of the collection of the Costume Museum of Canada.

These carriage boots are labeled as 1900-10.

These carriage boots are labeled as 1900-10. They are in near perfect condition.

Here are another pair of boot also from that decade…boot 1

The mystery with them is what is with the "cleats" on the soles.  Anyone have any ideas?

The mystery with them is: what is with the “cleats” on the soles? Anyone have any ideas?

The more I think about these the more they puzzle me.  Is it possible they were an “athletic” or “hiking” boot? Is it possible they have been mislabeled and they are a man’s boot?  Anyone have any clues?  And finally…

1890-1900.  I love these!

1890-1900. I love these! Ignore the funny marks on the toe of the shoe on the right.  It is just a piece of clear plastic that is laying on top.  I didn’t notice it when I was taking the photo.

Fragile beauty

I’m caught in the whirl wind called Christmas and I haven’t the time for a wordy post so I’ll go with the concept of a picture being worth a thousand words.1880-90 fan CMC

This fan is from the Costume Museum of Canada and it is dated 1880-90.  It is very pretty but definitely showing its age.  The slats of the fan are no longer joined at the top so if you tried to open it, it wouldn’t have the typical fan shape…there would be gaps and it would all flop around.  The top white feathers must have originally stood up but were perhaps stored for an extended period in a cramped space and now they are bent.  The sweet little blue feathers will fall off with the slightest stirring.  But those blue feathers are what caught my attention.  Very pretty.  I wonder what bird they came off of.