Me thinks she is a girl


I recently bought this cabinet card of a family from Duluth Minnesota and I believe it is from the early to mid 1880’s.  I’m making the guess based on the dress which appears to have a bustle.  This family has the usual mom and dad.  There is a son, still young enough to be in short pants.  The second child had me a bit stumped.  All young children wore dresses no matter the age.  The usual way to tell if it was a boy or a girl was by how the hair was styled.  Boys were parted on the side and girls down the middle.  You see my dilemma here!  No real part!  Just a strong bang!  But upon zooming in on the child’s face, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very feminine pretty face and I believe there may actually be earrings so GIRL she is.  Mom seems to have earrings too, as well as a bar pin, a posy of flowers and a wedding ring.  Mom also has some pulling and wrinkling in her bodice.  More proof that we costumers can really get our bloomers in a knot over fit issues for nothing.


2 thoughts on “Me thinks she is a girl

  1. Shirley A. Victorian says:

    I think she’s a girl too. Love her striped stockings. Maybe her dress is a hand-me-down from her brother?

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