The Walker Theatre

The hubby and I went to see a comedian Friday night.  AThe show was funny and I had many good laughs but the whole thing was enhanced by the location.  The show was in the Burton Cummings Theatre which was formerly called the Walker Theatre. Note the W and T in the medallion in the next picture.B

For a more complete history go here. The condensed story is the theatre was built in 1907 as part of a chain of theatres following the railway.  The original plans had offices, stores and a hotel surrounding it but these were never built.  Because of that, the outside is BORING! The walls were never intended to be seen.  It was used for plays and was the scene for many significant events in the movement for women’s votes and unionizing of workers.  The theatre shut down during the depression and was reopened in the 40’s as a movie theatre. The renovations hid many of the lovely  details but those were restored when it was made a heritage site and reopened in the 90’s.C



To bad it is more of an Edwardian building because I’d really love to get into costume and see a play there.  E

Specifically, I’d like to be in one of the box seats.

GSorry about the grainy pictures.  My phone doesn’t do well in large dark spaces.


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