I have a weird job

I work in recreation in a nursing home and sometimes I find myself thinking about how truly  odd my job actually is.  In January we will be having an intellectual program in honor of Squirrel Day.  Yes, you read that correctly…Squirrel Day.  We will have pictures and facts about squirrels around the world.  There will be jokes, trivia and music (Google don’t fail me on Squirrel content music!) We will have acorn themed food (muffins baked in an acorn shape).  And there will be decorations.  We will pull the strips of fake grass out of storage and run them along the table and then adorn it with paper origami squirrels.squirrel 1 I found a book at a garage sale that has the paper painted like the animal you would make.  I’ve just photocopied the squirrel one 30 times.  Then I folded (that word doesn’t sound right) them. Who has a job where they spend a couple of hours folding origami squirrels?  squirrel 2Then I put them in a container and plan my squirrel costume.squirrel 3 Madness!

One thought on “I have a weird job

  1. Perfectly adorable madness! I’m sure everyone who participates will enjoy this so much 😀

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