In knitting mode

I’ve been having a terrible time getting myself motivated to sew again (I have plans to MAKE myself do some today).  I have no trouble getting myself to knit-probably because I can do it sitting on my couch watching Netflix…  I have been thinking that I might need to make myself another shawl (which I don’t really need) so that I can get myself moving in the Victorian creations again.  I have a pattern that I photographed from a book.  I think it is from a Girls Own Annual book that I had borrowed for a bit.  So the pattern would be late Victorian early Edwardian.SAM_1097

Trouble is…I’d have to break my “no new wool until I use up what I have” rule.  I guess if I double the pattern, this could be a baby blanket and then I can use up stash wool.  But, no progress in Victorian costuming…sigh.  I do have some red wool that really is wool but would they have made a red shawl?

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