Found my mojo and HSF 22: Men’s wear

This Christmas, I have had 4 days off of work and I’m not ashamed to tell you I spent MOST of it in my Pj’s.  This down time has given me time to truly relax and just be and lo, my mojo is back!  So yesterday,I looked at the HSF challenges that I have missed and thought “I can submit something for all of them if I craft and craft during these Christmas and New Years holidays.  Yes they will be weak but they will be something!  Incentive (do all the challenges) and motivation (sadly lacking since my Dad’s death)!  So here is the first one….

 This is very lame…a man for men’s wear!  It is also a redo of another attempt that I wasn’t very satisfied with.  (Shown here)
What the item is: Memorial jewelry in honor of my father. Victorians often wore such jewelry when in mourning…either a painting or hair samples or the initials of the deceased.
photo 1 (1)

The Challenge: Menswear.

Fabric: n/a

Pattern: n/a

Year: Victorian

Notions: jewelry findings

How historically accurate is it? Concept is correct but it is a modern photograph and modern findings that only faintly hint at Victorian style. 15% perhaps? I might wear it with my mourning costume though…who knows

Hours to complete: with shopping-1

First worn: not yet

Total cost: $15


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