The Walker Theatre

The hubby and I went to see a comedian Friday night.  AThe show was funny and I had many good laughs but the whole thing was enhanced by the location.  The show was in the Burton Cummings Theatre which was formerly called the Walker Theatre. Note the W and T in the medallion in the next picture.B

For a more complete history go here. The condensed story is the theatre was built in 1907 as part of a chain of theatres following the railway.  The original plans had offices, stores and a hotel surrounding it but these were never built.  Because of that, the outside is BORING! The walls were never intended to be seen.  It was used for plays and was the scene for many significant events in the movement for women’s votes and unionizing of workers.  The theatre shut down during the depression and was reopened in the 40’s as a movie theatre. The renovations hid many of the lovely  details but those were restored when it was made a heritage site and reopened in the 90’s.C



To bad it is more of an Edwardian building because I’d really love to get into costume and see a play there.  E

Specifically, I’d like to be in one of the box seats.

GSorry about the grainy pictures.  My phone doesn’t do well in large dark spaces.

Catch up post for HSF

I had done very well with the challenges in the past year and a half and submitted something for every challenge.  Sometimes they were soft and flabby efforts and sometimes they were late but they were done.  Then there was a death in the family and I lost interest and momentum.

The last submission that came with a post was #18 poetry in motion.  It was completed a couple of months past the loss in my family but it was very soft and somewhat uninspired.

The next challenge was #19 inspiration and I was going to use the Flora and Fauna challenge from last year as my inspiration as I have some lovely floral print fabric that I will be making a dress out of.  I was making good progress until I hit a snag that is going to take some extra work to fix and there it sits on my dress form collecting dust….  Still waiting for my mojo to come back. I will finish that dress and it will either be a VERY LATE submission for that challenge or it will be adapted to a challenge for next year.

I made a start on #20 Alternative Universe.  I was going to make a corselet out of pop can tabs.  But this was the worst thing for me to try when my mojo is low!  If I’m not to keen on something it is because I can not imagine any situation that I might wear it!  I’m just not into the alternative universe genre so this project will likely end up where it should have gone in the first place…recycling!

I did manage to complete #21 Re do challenge.  It was another weak submission.  My hem for my Green Queen V dress was a bit off so I fixed it.  I only managed to remember to put it on Facebook but didn’t blog it here.  So here goes….a copy/paste of what I wrote on 3 - Copy

Challenge #21: Re-Do

What the item is: 1830’s ball gown-copy of a gown Queen Victoria wore.

Fabric: 2 poly blends. One a fake silk taffeta, one a fake organza and some cotton for lining.

Pattern: TV455 adapted sleeves

Year: 1830’s

Notions: lace, buckles hooks and eyes and a whack of jewels

?How historically accurate is it? poly blend fabrics, machine sewn on long seams 50%?

Hours to complete: lost track…tons

First worn: Halloween party. The last time I posted a photo of me in it, I hadn’t gone all out with props and proper undies because it was just a quick try on. I don’t think I even did it up all the way…

Total cost: same as last time (the art challenge) I had to re-do the hem…it was wonky and add more hooks and eyes to keep me from squeezing out the back.

#22 Gentlemen is also going to be an extremely weak entry.  So weak that I think I shall not bother putting it on Facebook.

photo 2The gentleman is my father who passed away.  I was going for a memorial locket with a painted portrait in it which would have been done in the Victorian era but the locket is far too modern looking and in spite of the “painting” photo app, it still looks like what it is…a scan of a modern photograph.  Being cropped to death does not make his clothes look less modern.  I guess the hair and beard are plausible.  I did a crap job of cutting the photograph but that is fixable I think.  So for historical accuracy I give this a minus 10.

My mojo is gone for sewing but I’m doing okay with knitting.  I guess that is because it is repetitive and therefore not mentally 3A baby 1Scarves.

Lovely gown

I still have a stash of photographs from past exhibits of the Costume Museum of Canada so how about I share one today?1890 evening a


back side

back side

side view

side view

Hopefully, some of the close-ups will help clarify details that were lost in the full length photos.

Beading on chest

Beading on chest

Beading at waist

Beading at waist

Sheer ruffle across chest and arms

Sheer ruffle across chest and arms

The feather fabric and the sleeves and skirt was wonderful.  I haven't seen a modern equivallent anywhere.

The feather fabric and the sleeves and skirt was wonderful. I haven’t seen a modern equivalent anywhere.

If you squint at the first photo you can see there is layers of that feather fabric down the length of the skirt.

Lovely delicate lace under the sleeves.

Lovely delicate lace under the sleeves.

This is likely the last time this dress will be on a mannequin.  It is starting to show signs of stress. I’m glad I had the chance to see it.

Me thinks she is a girl


I recently bought this cabinet card of a family from Duluth Minnesota and I believe it is from the early to mid 1880’s.  I’m making the guess based on the dress which appears to have a bustle.  This family has the usual mom and dad.  There is a son, still young enough to be in short pants.  The second child had me a bit stumped.  All young children wore dresses no matter the age.  The usual way to tell if it was a boy or a girl was by how the hair was styled.  Boys were parted on the side and girls down the middle.  You see my dilemma here!  No real part!  Just a strong bang!  But upon zooming in on the child’s face, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very feminine pretty face and I believe there may actually be earrings so GIRL she is.  Mom seems to have earrings too, as well as a bar pin, a posy of flowers and a wedding ring.  Mom also has some pulling and wrinkling in her bodice.  More proof that we costumers can really get our bloomers in a knot over fit issues for nothing.