HSF 14:#19 Inspiration


Yeah me! I have now finished all the challenges for 2014! With time to get started on 2015’s first challenge!

What the item is: Retecule

The Challenge: 19 inspiration

Whose creations you were inspired by: just by the flora and fauna challenge from the first year. (Or “I needed a bag and I had to fit in somewhere and it is made of wool” inspiration)

Fabric: 100% wool. Lined with cotton

Pattern: One a friend loaned me that she had purchased but I can’t remember where from.

Year: Plausible for all reticule carrying times.

Notions: ribbon, crochet hook and set of four double pointed needles in size for wool

How historically accurate is it? There were knitting patterns for bags. (But I couldn’t tell you if this pattern would have been used.) The fibers are possible except for the poly ribbon. So 60%

Hours to complete: Lost track. If I were to guess I’d say 40

First worn: not yet.

Total cost: It used less than a ball of wool which I had left over in my stash from previous projects, the lining and ribbon were also stash so really $0.  I think the wool was about $8 for a full ball.

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