My wrists are bigger than…

I was looking at some lovely button boots from the 1910’s and thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could buy a pair and put them on”.  I won’t bother stating the obvious about the narrowness of the Victorian foot compared to a modern foot.  We walk around bare foot.  We like comfortable runners and sandles.  Our feet haven’t been squished every moment of our waking day so they are WIDE.  But did you know that our ankles are likely an issue as well.  Apparently they are for me at least!

My wrist is wider!

My wrist is wider!

They also have the heel sticking out so far behind the ankle part.boot 2

Still pretty.  I saw two pairs of 1910’s boots that were virtually unworn.boot 1

The second pair was stretchy in the ankle part.boot 4

4 thoughts on “My wrists are bigger than…

  1. kevin garlick, based on the isle of wight, makes them. he has a website, but he also attends torm. It’s adviseable to try them on before ordering as he uses the original vctoiran lasts and they’re quite narrow fitting. he’ll do them in leather or covered in silk, last time Ibought a pair they were about £125 (I have ten pairs)

    • Thanks for the info. Thus far, I’m using modern shoes that have the general look. I might try American Duchess shoes as they have the look but are built for modern feet. They are supposed to be very comfy.

  2. severn14 says:

    I love buttoned boots! I’ve been checking out the Renoirs from American Duchess shoes.

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