I taut I taw a bunny wabbit!

I keep some bird feeders full near the window where my seniors (at work) sit and eat their meals.  They often tell me about all the cute little birds that hang out there and about how fat they are.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if they have their glasses on….?photo 2

Lets see that up closer…photo 1

Yup, definitely a rabbit…cute little rabbit…I want to hold you and kiss you and call you George…. Sorry got carried away there.

HSF 14:#19 Inspiration


Yeah me! I have now finished all the challenges for 2014! With time to get started on 2015’s first challenge!

What the item is: Retecule

The Challenge: 19 inspiration

Whose creations you were inspired by: just by the flora and fauna challenge from the first year. (Or “I needed a bag and I had to fit in somewhere and it is made of wool” inspiration)

Fabric: 100% wool. Lined with cotton

Pattern: One a friend loaned me that she had purchased but I can’t remember where from.

Year: Plausible for all reticule carrying times.

Notions: ribbon, crochet hook and set of four double pointed needles in size for wool

How historically accurate is it? There were knitting patterns for bags. (But I couldn’t tell you if this pattern would have been used.) The fibers are possible except for the poly ribbon. So 60%

Hours to complete: Lost track. If I were to guess I’d say 40

First worn: not yet.

Total cost: It used less than a ball of wool which I had left over in my stash from previous projects, the lining and ribbon were also stash so really $0.  I think the wool was about $8 for a full ball.

HSF 14: 24 All that glitters

Phew! One more challenge and I will be caught up!  Since I now have the flu and the subsequent energy level of a sloth on sleeping pills, I can’t say when that last one will happen!
What the item is: earrings

photo 2

The Challenge: 24 all that glitters

Fabric: n/a

Pattern: none

Year: Victorian
Notions: beads, hooks, beading pins, the base finding, pliers

How historically accurate is it? The beads are plastic, the metal is costume, but the look is okay so I’d say 40%

Hours to complete: .5

First worn: not yet

Total cost: beads on sale and the rest are fractions of packages bought so I’d say $2 or so.

Also completed pre-flu…

Another pair of earrings that I don't like.  I think they need something else...like a complete dismantling.

Another pair of earrings that I don’t like. I think they need something else…like a complete dismantling.

Scarf for sale in next years craft sale.  These are not colors I can wear.

Scarf for sale in next years craft sale. These are not colors I can wear.

A cowl that I think will end up as a gift next year.  It seems like a younger persons colors.

A cowl that I think will end up as a gift next year. It seems like a younger persons colors.

2014…not completely unproductive…

In spite of my slump, I have been pretty productive.  There have been work projects, like these tents for the birds.


Crowns and capes…


and paper squirrels….

squirrel 1

Knitting projects….photo (1)

Cats Paw

photo 3

photo 1

Trims for future projects….


photophoto 2

Accessories for my costumes or modern wear….SAM_1711

photo (1)

photo 2



photo 1 (1)


photo 2

Front view

Front view of a shawl

A medieval outfit…


A whole Victorian outfit, complete with hoops…

You know, when  I pinned all of those freaking joints, it was straight.  Then I sewed them and they are not.










and snood.SAM_2065And there is this project…Queen Victoria’s Dress and jewels and bum roll.


photo 3 - Copy



All in all, not too shabby.