Oh how I love Netflix

I never watch my TV any more.  I sit with my laptop in front of me and I watch Netflix. Yesterday, while doing the hand sewing on my new project (hopefully, photos tomorrow) I watched a cute movie.  I had never heard of it before and, as I needed to be somewhat aware of what was happening in my hands, I hoped and expected it to be “intellect light”.  It was light but also terribly entertaining!  I give you Austenland!

Photo credit and movie info here.

Photo credit and movie info here.

The story is about a girl who is mad about Jane Austen and who is unlucky in love because she keeps on hoping for a Mr. Darcy.  She goes on vacation in England to Austenland to re-enact an Austen-like experience-complete with actors who will romance the single ladies a la Austen. I have always wanted something like that-only in Victorian environs and without the romance part (I already have my Mr. Victorian).  A total immersion in the era. It is what reenactors strive for isn’t it?

I liked how they blended the modern with the Regency.  At some points you get lost in the Regency only to get a shocking reminder that they are in modern times-example, a loud-speaker announcing the next scheduled event.  It made me laugh every time! I recommend this one highly! I will be putting this one in my watch over and over again pile.

(Movies in my Over and over again  pile: Austenland, PS I love you, Leap Year, Fifth Element, Water World (yeah I know I am the only one in the world), Planes Trains and Automobiles.)

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