Fabric origami

I have been working-literally for hours-folding and ironing a HUGE strip of fabric to make a trim. It is for the stash busting challenge in Historical Sew Monthly (formally Fortnightly).

photo 1I used this tutorial. The tutorial is for a ribbon but I wanted to “bust some stash” and I wanted it to match the skirt I am making it for so I first sewed a long fabric tube from some scraps left over from the skirt and I pressed it flat.  I made the tube so that the edges would be finished and I wouldn’t have to worry about right side and wrong side as I was folding-just like it would be if I were using ribbon.

Next, I have to tack this at strategic places so that I’ll be able to remove the pins and plan how it will be laid out on the skirt.  As I mention on March 2nd, I will be adding the trim to a relatively plain skirt.

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