Caught red handed

I’ve had a few days off of work so Monday was spent in some binge Netflix and making headway on my son’s birthday gift and my submission for challenge #4 for Historical Sew Monthly.  After 8 hours I had produced a circle of chain mail that might cover my husbands bald spot….SAM_2786

But only a dress maker would do this.  I started to fret that it wasn’t hanging right.  Who does that? I don’t think there was ever a chain mail maker who worried about the drape!  The directions suggested making a hexagon but I was having trouble making it make a full circle when it was shorter so I made it a 9 sided piece.  But it wasn’t hanging right.  It was bunching so that you couldn’t see the weave…and I also became concerned that I was going to run out of rings before I was done.  Gah!

So I spent two hours removing 3 of the sections, reconnecting the pieces and dismantling the removed part so I could reuse the rings.  But I think it looks much better.SAM_2788I added the pins to the corners (2 where I will start the next row) as it helps me keep track of where I am and also helps me remember to add an extra ring at the corners so that it will keep getting bigger.

So what do I mean “I was caught red handed?”  Did my son catch me working on his gift?  No.  I think he knows something is up because every time he walked by, I guiltily hid the completed parts and just worked on opening more rings.  Then I LIED to him and told him I was making jewelry.  And now I don’t think he cares what I am doing. “Woman’s crap…bah.”  It might get harder to hide as it gets bigger!

No the “red handed” comment refers to what happens to your hands when you use pliers for 10 hours with no gloves.  Just shy of blisters.

SAM_2790There is a white strip on my ring finger because I taped it there as it was starting to hurt almost from the beginning.  I think I will need to find some work gloves if I’m going to binge weave like that again!

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