Pleats, fringe and beadwork


I was pleased to add this card to my collection a few months back.  I think this would be from the mid to late 1870’s judging by the style of hair and dress.  I liked the lower layer of pleats on the skirt.  I don’t know about the upper layer…it makes the lower layer look like it has been added on to make the skirt longer.

The fringe on the over skirt is so 1870’s!  Love it! But the bead work on the bodice is the best part!  One day I will have to try something like that!  That bead work makes me think these two are wealthy or that this was a best dress for a very special occasion!  Oh and here is a tip…zoom in on her shoe.  Does there appear to be some sort of pattern on it?

3 thoughts on “Pleats, fringe and beadwork

  1. Hard to see if there’s a pattern on her shoes or not, but if so those would be expensive. I noticed the man is wearing creased pants. Those were extremely expensive to maintain and only became mainstream in the 1910s, so I’m guessing they were well off or dressed in their Sunday’s best for this very special occasion. A great cabinet card!

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