Just what was he smokin’?

I did a stint last night at the Costume Museum of Canada.  The project of the night was dressing mannequins, steaming the dresses and photographing them.  The theme was a Canadian designer named Scaasi.  photo 5Apparently he was something.  I probably should be nice…the guy seems to be still living.

How does a guy who created a beauty like this…


1985 (even had a bustle in the back!)

…or this one….1990 a


1990 all velvet

…also create stuff like this?



Oh it is crazier up close!  And I love color!

What is that?  Carpet?

What is that? Carpet?

I like shiny but this is too much!

I like shiny but this is too much.

This one is nice at first glance…. nice shape…pretty ruching…even the color is okay if you are brave.

1990 (the blue is actually purple in real life)

1990 (the blue is actually purple in real life)

But up close you realize the fabric is a cross between a plastic tarp and potato sacks.1990 2

He seemed to get a sale on the stuff in different colors because the museum has a few dresses made in this stuff.

I was greeted at the door with this eye burner with the plunging neck line!


1981 Fuchsia and orange?

Oh what a contrast.

My eye is much happier on the right side of this photo!

My eye is much happier on the right side of this photo!

Everyone in the 1970’s and most of the 80’s was smokin’ something!

3 thoughts on “Just what was he smokin’?

  1. pinkpuss1234 says:

    Gosh, what a complete contrast! Is there any clue as to what dates he created the nicer ones and the, ahem, less nice ones? Perhaps something happened to him and he started to go mad with colours and fabrics? I really can’t think of any other reason for such a complete contrast!

  2. The nicer ones seem to be later 1980’s and 90’s. The wilder ones are from the 1970’s. Nasty era. I had to live it and not be naked. Pity me. I should have been more clear that the photo with two dresses has a wild one of his and an Edwardian era that obviously is not his. (He would not have been born yet). The Edwardian era dress is much more to my liking as it has some aspects of Victorian dress which I like.

  3. […] And finally, there was a dress I noticed because it wasn’t crazy.  It was from a designer that I think was crazy. Scassi! […]

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