Making summer costume event plans

I have so many ideas and so many costumes!  I’d love to be able to wear them all but I think money, time and everyone else’s schedules are going to clip my Victorian wings!  I can’t wait to see what my partner in crime thinks about my ideas and I can’t wait to see if our other group members are able to join us for what we have  come up with!

As I think about trying to find enough events so that I can wear all my dresses, I realize that I’m coming to the point that I either have to accept that I can’t wear them all in one costuming season or I have to some how expand the season (we typically stop from December to May because all the good historic sites and events are not operational).

A third option gets my maternal gears grinding…and that is to try to give away/sell some of my least favorite ensembles.  Even my least favorites are my babies.  All my gowns were firsts as far as attempted skills.  The first time I tried to copy a gown in a museum. The first gown with a devilish fabric.  The first gown with a bustle/hoop under pinning. The first gown I tried grading up a teeny tiny pattern.

If they are my least favorite, it is because of some flaw that irks me (and irks me more and more as my skills are honed).  If I see them as flawed, I can’t imagine being able to find someone who is my size AND who wants to pay money to own and wear a flawed gown.  And heavens defend against the person being able to get up close and inside and find all the flaws that don’t bug me but really should (there are a few unfinished seams.)

I could just let the least favorite collect dust after all the time and money I put into them…I could stop making more dresses…I could just aim to wear all the dresses once every two years…I could wear them around the house….  Each possibility nuttier than the last!


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