So I don’t freeze

I have been thinking about an event in December that I can wear my 1838-40 Green Queen V gown. But there is so much skin exposed and I fear I may die of exposure trying to get to the 3 - Copy

Long elbow length gloves and a muff may help if I am not outside to long but those shoulders are in grave danger.  I was looking at some photos at the Met site to see if there is something I could come up with that suits the era, and that would be simple enough to draft up and sew. I came up with this.

1830's cape so I don't freeze to death

1830's cape so I don't freeze to death1This cotton example would be a bit plain for a dress designed after a Queen Victoria dress but if I do the outer layer in green (which I may have enough left over to do that) and then do the lining in a faux fur it would look regal enough for the gown.  I could also add a modern interlining of fleece if I really fear freezing.

The $100 question is if I can find the cash for the faux fur and fleece and the time to whip this up.

One thought on “So I don’t freeze

  1. Shirley A. Victorian says:

    There should be another 50% off at our favorite fabric store when they start getting the new fabrics for fall. We’ll have to keep our eyes open!

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