New toy in the sewing room

My sewing room is also my guest room (and potentially my oldest boys room if he moves back to Canada) so it needs a bed in it.  We just landed the perfect little number!  desk 1

It is a desk with a ton of room on it for piling up that crap that one needs while sewing…note the rum and coke on the nearer end.  But, company is coming!

With one hand I pull two pins and pull down on the top edge of the desk…desk 3The bed comes down and the stuff on the desk…including the rum and coke…gets gently tucked under the bed.desk 2Take the pillow down from its hiding place behind the desk and you have a bed.  Fold up the chair and tuck it away between the bed and the dresser (which is full of fabric) and there is now room for a guest to walk around.  They may have to get used to Trudy watching them while they sleep.desk 5She does stare down at the bed in a rather creepy manor.  This next photo is the view of the room from the door.desk 4I’m not completely happy with this arrangement so there may be some more shuffling around.  Trudy hides my lovely sewing machine.


3 thoughts on “New toy in the sewing room

  1. Anna Worden Bauersmith says:

    Coolest thing ever!!!

  2. Christine Whitelaw says:

    Where did you get the bed?

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