My attempt at Battenburg Lace

I found a link for a book on making Battenburg Lace on the “Vortex” aka Pintrest. I decided that this would be my “try something new” project for the next Historical Sew Monthly.  I wanted something useful and small to try and a scrolling through the pages gave me this pattern.035ifull I copied it onto a Word document and then enlarged it as much as it would allow and printed it. When I measured the width of the broader lines, it was about half the width of the fabric tape I bought at my fabric store.   Then I took the photocopy to work where I have access to a printer that enlarges and made 4 copies at 200% magnification.lace 2I cut the four pieces out.lace 1Then I taped them together.lace 3The plan is to make this into a handkerchief with the square in the middle being where I will add a plain cotton piece to be the business end of the handkerchief. The next step was to pin the tape to the paper and then baste it down.  So far the printer paper has held up to the demand.  The tape is not lovely but it was cheap and easy to find and I really didn’t want to lay out a ton of cash for what amounts to an experiment.  lace 4 Using white thread, I whip stitched the folds and joins down and also gathered up the edges that are running along a curved edge.  That is a long and dull process!  I chose several stitches from the above mentioned book and I have started putting them into the spaces between the tapes.  Here are the first two stitches I have tried.010i3 014i1 (1)And this is how they look.  lace 5Battenberg lace makers have little to fear from me!  I have used a crochet thread and it is a bit on the heavy side but it was on hand and was a better than the thinner stuff I have. Once all the spaces are filled in and the edges are done, I will have to remove the black thread and paper and then whip stitch the folds and joins on the “wrong” side and then add the cotton square to the middle.  Wish me luck!

One thought on “My attempt at Battenburg Lace

  1. […] that Battenburg Lace hankie is not going to plan.  It seems that the ink from the pattern is transferring onto the lace […]

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