Last nights volunteer session: a la 1880’s

There will be a display of 1880’s dresses from the Costume Museum of Canada at my favorite local house museum.  I have much joy in  all of this for three reasons.  1) the display will be during Doors Open which I really enjoy.  During this event the doors of historic buildings are thrown open and folks are allowed in to see some of our “lovely’s” that might only be open for employees of business’ housed in them.  2) The house museum I mentioned above, where the display will be, had some issues a couple of years back and the possibility of it being closed down and converted into some sort of office space (HORROR) was considered.  My hope is that they are going to attempt the museum route once more and Door’s Open is a toe in the water.  Fingers crossed! 3) Well, who doesn’t love 1880’s dresses!

I will be sharing some of these dresses with you as I get good photos of them.  The first is a dress for a young teen.1880's teen's dress a

It is made from a light cotton.1880's teen's dress b

The print is dainty and sweet.1880's teen's dress c

And the little pleats are very well made.1880's teen's dress d

A nice little summer dress for a young girl.


2 thoughts on “Last nights volunteer session: a la 1880’s

  1. flaregirl55 says:

    I love opening my mailbox and seeing what you have to share. The clothing is amazing I love that you take the time to post these treasures. Could you please send me some information on the museum that will be hosting these fine outfits. One last question I know you have been working very hard on that helmet for your son, is it made yet? If so I would love to see what you did to finish it off. Are you planning on going next year to Cooks Creek in one of your fancy dresses? Please share so information when you get a minute. Thank you Sandra A.

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