No broken legs

No broken legs at this weekend’s Doors Open event at the old jail but I will admit to some really sore feet!

SAM_2821Saturday was a freakishly cold day and I claim full responsibility for that.  I was afraid that being dressed in black from head to toe would be hellish in the heat so I prayed fervently for cool weather.  It worked and Shirley and I found we needed our capes and even with those we were still a mite cool. SAM_2822Sunday was normal temperatures and I was correct…it was hellish. (More pictures from Sunday to follow.)

Now I sit on my couch, my throbbing feet up, a lap top in front of me (so I can catch up on the modern world), a bowl of ice-cream to my left and a puppy to my right.  I will savor my evening in the knowledge that the tour went well: we set a new record for number of folks put through and most seemed to really enjoy the event!  Who should I play next year?

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