Unexpected pleasures

Some Saturday plans fell through so the hubby and I decided to hit a favorite antique shop.  I have been eyeing a stereoscope for over a year.  They aren’t exactly the same price as a loaf of bread so I’ve been putting it off.  But, if I still want something for that long then I can safely assume it isn’t an impulse buy that will be regretted!  SAM_2871It was worth the wait.  The store owners dropped the ticketed price by $15 and threw in 6 cards to use with it.  Momma has a new collection to indulge in!

The unexpected surprise came on the drive to the store….there was a fair called Swords and Sabers that is a mix of vendors and displays for steampunk, goth, pirates, Victorian, vikings, Dr Who….you name it.  I had been once before and it is a pleasant Saturday afternoon walk.

We called my youngest son and he met us there.  He is the guy behind the shield.  Winnipeg-20150613-00162

He likes this kind of stuff (though I suspect he’d like it more with friends and not his parents).

I want to learn to do this!SAM_2867


Is there a plague doctor in the house?SAM_2869

Hands off my booty!SAM_2868

Cap off the event with a FREE hay ride.  Yup.  Free is good.SAM_2870



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