Tea on the porch

This past Sunday, Victorian at Heart had its first official outing.  We headed off to the newly reopened Dalnavert Museum.

SAM_2871Dalnavert is my favorite house museum and last year I had a little cry-fest when it was announced that it wasn’t doing well and would be converted to office space (horrors!)  Enough people rose up and it was saved with a new plan to try to salvage it.  I for one, will be doing my bit and going a few times this year.

We started our afternoon on the porch. With some iced tea and shortbread cookies.SAM_2873

Shirley and I had the joy of meeting our newest member in person for the first time.  We had met through the internet but had not yet met her in person yet.  This is our new friend Lottie Lovett trying out my stereoscope.

SAM_2879Lottie is an excellent seamstress who made her lovely 1880’s bustle dress!SAM_2876aAfter our little snack and get to know you session, we toured the house.  We started in the kitchen.SAM_2884a From there, we went to the dining room.SAM_2894

Then the main hallway where I left my calling card.

SAM_2899aIn the parlor we saw some of the dresses from The Costume Museum that Shirley and I helped dress.SAM_2905

I saw a box for stereoscope cards that makes me think I need one….SAM_2910

From the parlor we headed upstairs…SAM_2899cand had a seat in the window seat.SAM_2919b

SAM_2919cI will conclude is posting now but I think I will show you some of the more interesting me aspects of the house next time.




One thought on “Tea on the porch

  1. severn14 says:

    Yay! Fun times! 🙂

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