Challenge #7: Accessorise


What the item is: over skirt
The Challenge: #7 Accessorize
Fabric: cotton

Pattern: side drape over skirt TV303SAM_3077

Year: 1872

Notions: hook and eye, trim

How historically accurate is it?: I’m not sure the trim would have looked like that and I’m fairly sure the fibers are incorrect.  I liked it though, and I think Victorians would have too!  Pattern and construction of the over skirt are accurate.  Fabric is plausible.  I would think the color would be as well (the flash on the camera makes the color a bit more “neon” than in real life.) 70%SAM_3080

Hours to complete: 10, with most of that hand sewing the trim on.

First worn: not yet.  But when I do wear it, I hope I will have need of the mantle that I am building this dress for!  See it peeking out from under the mantle?SAM_3082
Total cost: @$30 Canadian

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