1872 Basque in Blue “meh” hat

I completed my hat.  I think.  It could be another entry into the HSF accessory challenge but I feel lukewarm about it.  It may need some tweaking.  Perhaps, once the bodice is done I will know what needs to be done, if anything.  I may also scan some museum samples for inspiration.  But, here it is for now.

Left side

Left side

I don’t mind the left side.  The tuft of tulle in the front hides the fact that the brim isn’t stiff enough and wants to buckle.  The wire and buckram that is easily available to me tends to be flimsy.  I usually double up on them but I didn’t this time.  Lesson learned.  SAM_3086

I don’t mind the back either.  Except I will have to go back and figure out what that weird little bunching on the left side is caused by.  I only noticed it in the above photo.

Here is where I feel ambivalent about the hat.SAM_3088

The tulle that is hiding the weird buckling of the brim seems odd.  I like the way it is thin in some spots, showing the blue, and solid white in others.  But, it sticks up oddly on the left side of the photo.SAM_3087But the part that sticks up on the face side of the photo, looks okay at this angle. Sigh.  But at this angle the tail of the tulle seems to be too much.  And the little bow gathering the tulle isn’t enough.

Perhaps it would look better if I hadn’t used a cotton as the base fabric.  A velvet would have been better.  But the cotton was in my stash.

What do you do when you feel “meh” about a project?  My usual treatment is to walk away from it for a bit.  If it sits in the back ground of my life for a bit (meaning: I see it as I walk by it but I don’t study or play with it) I either grow to like it or I get the inspiration I need to fix it.

3 thoughts on “1872 Basque in Blue “meh” hat

  1. I know nothing of hat making. Maybe the fabric is a bit too flimsy for what you’re attempting to do and that’s why it’s bunching up in places?

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