Nice idea in theory…

For years, I wore a corset everyday.  I had back pain and the corset helped wonderfully (not to mention made me look 30 pounds lighter).  But in the past year, two things happened to change that.  1) The back pain improved.  I don’t know why but it got better.  I wouldn’t say I’m cured but it is better.  2) Menopause.  I am in the early stages of that glorious time of life and I randomly get really, really hot.  The corset became just another THICK layer holding all that heat in.  (I am not a fan of me in a bathing suit but there have been times I questioned why they wont let me wear one at work.)

I saw this the other day and thought this would be the answer to the heat problem.

The theory would be you’d still get the support of the boning  without all the heat retaining fabric.  I envisioned trying to make one of these.  Doable.  Then I envisioned trying to wear one.  This is what came to mind….only much, much worse.

One thin little chemise is not going to keep me from looking like a giant Playdough Fun Factory.

3 thoughts on “Nice idea in theory…

  1. I hear you my sister. Hot flashes are about to make me stop costuming all together.

  2. Omg…that’s too funny!

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