Missing in action

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I have been alive but busy.  I have a kid home for a visit with his girl so the house if full.

There have been minor bumps like the entire shelf system in the pantry dropping off of the wall. Nuclear_Explosion_Bikini_US_Dept_Energy The hubby did the fixing but I helped empty out the pantry (not easy as the entire contents of the shelf system fell against the door and blocked it). While he was fixing the shelf, I was baking and making meals with my pantry strewn across the dinning room and kitchen. Once fixed, we had to reload it so that the EIGHT bottles of bar-b-que sauce and TWELVE boxes of baking soda that he bought (there was a sale) wouldn’t overweight the thing and rip it off the wall again.    There was some snipping going on because I insisted the chemicals be stored below the food and I insisted that there be some sense to where the rest went (company coming stuff grouped together, snacks together, baking stuff together).  Okay, that was mean, the hubby did have sense in his system too-sort by size and amount used-but I feel that since I do the cooking my system should reign for at least the food and food safety portion.  Anyway, pantry is fixed and hubby and I are still friends but there was a day shot to h-e-double hockey sticks!

I’ve also been busy with work (sometimes needing to bring work home) and my current knitting projects.  No photos yet.  They are knit on a 5 needle set which I find challenging.  I frequently have a problem with the stitches slipping off of one needle while I’m working on another.  As I don’t notice it right away, they unravel like mad and then it is a pain to catch them and re-work them.  At one point I had to rip out several rows and ended up tangling the thread.  I was up till 3 am one night trying to untangle it!  The other problem is one of the projects is actually thread not wool…very tiny stitches for my old eyes!

So that is my news.  Today I am off to a costume event (one of the attendees was at Costume College so I want to hear all about it) so tomorrow there will be photos!

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