In our Sunday Best

Victorian at Heart, small group that we are…


….headed out to St Andrews Rectory and Church yesterday.  For a quick bit of info read this photo. You may need to click on the photo to see it more clearly.


Here are some photos from the Rectory.


There are only a few artifacts in the Rectory.


I wore my 1873 Polonaise

I liked the basin and Shirley liked the old ringer.


Shirley wore her early 1860’s Cotton Candy Day dress.

Lottie looks lovely next to the old organ.


She is wearing her mid 1880’s cotton print gown. I suspect she was much cooler than Shirley and I.

The best photos were taken outside on the porch.SAM_3140


There is always one of THESE of me.  How do I manage that every time! SAM_3151My camera died before we got to the church so I will have to wait until I get some photos from the other ladies.


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