Lovely embroidery

If you asked me a couple of days ago if I found Inuit clothing interesting I’d have a pretty mediocre response.  I didn’t know how pretty it really was!  I was helping to pack up some donated Inuit clothing at the costume museum this past week and was very impressed by the embroidery.  The colors are warm and happy.

This coat has two layers: this plainer outer blue layer and an inner embroidered layer.

This coat has two layers: this plainer outer blue layer and an inner embroidered layer.

Here is one of the details on the inner layer :

A walrus.

A walrus.

There were a couple of pull over style jackets that seemed to be for less chilly weather.  One was tan in color and the other was blue.  This picture is blurry but gives you the idea of the general shape.Inuit over coat 1

There is embroidery on the front pocket…Inuit over coat 2A walrus…Inuit over coat 3…and a boat full of people.Inuit over coat 4One sleeve has a bird on what looks like a pile of stones…perhaps an inukshuk.Inuit over coat 6One the other sleeve there is a hunter with his catch.Inuit over coat 5

The beige jacket has a line of bird people who appear to be hunting/fishing on its pocket .Inuit over coat 8On the one sleeve there is this bird person who looks like he is dancing.  I don’t know the meaning of these creatures.  Are they part of the Inuit lore?  Are they the part of the artists imagination?  Inuit over coat 7The other sleeve has this image.Inuit over coat 9I’m afraid my white city slicker eyes see a shopper!

I also packed up a few vests.  This was my favorite.Inuit vest 1It has a narwhal.  Who doesn’t love a yellow narwhal?Inuit vest 2I just adore the colors in this person.  I kept going back to look at it again and again.  Inuit vest 3It was this character that caused me to look closely and appreciate the skill and beauty in this embroidery and to get my camera out and take photographs.

So now I can say I appreciate the beauty and skill of Inuit clothing.  And these people live in horrid cold temperatures and survive so I can also appreciate the practicality of them as well!

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