My technology! Part devil part angel!

Frustrating few days with technology.  My new computer for work was supposed to save me some work and stop me from using my personal one.  Nope.  It is a piece of crap and my son and I have been attempting to cobble together enough downloads to make it usable.  Hours of labor to no avail at this point.

Our home internet keeps conking out-likely router trouble.  Is the problem too many devices riding on it…including the work computer?  Frustrating!

Icing on the cake?  We had a major storm that knocked out the power for most of the day.  Internet and useless computers are no longer a problem when you don’t have power.  I spent the day wandering around trying to find things to do in the near dark that does not require electricity.  For example, I dragged a table next to the window and did a jigsaw puzzle.  I couldn’t knit next to the window…no Netflix.  I tried reading but the book I’m really into is on my phone and the battery died.  Did I mention we had no power…grrrrrr.

A sure sign that I function mainly by habit is muttering about no power on the way to the bathroom and then standing there stunned when the lights don’t go on.  Peeing in the dark is so very rustic don’t you think?

At last the power is back and I’m going to end this post so I can knit and watch Netflix…just so long as the internet stays on.

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