1875 cap

One thing I have been neglecting is the use of a cap by Victorian ladies.  As a middle-aged woman, I should actually be wearing one under bonnets through several Victorian decades. It was common for middle-aged women to wear caps under bonnets long after the younger girls gave them up for everything but working about the house and bed. If I was transported back in time to the year my dress was intended, I suspect I’d come across as dressing a little “young” but conservative.  (Hopefully, I wouldn’t come across as a total freak.)

I think one day, I’d like to make a copy of the cap I saw at the Costume Museum of Canada.


1875 cap at the Costume Museum of Canada

1875 cap at the Costume Museum of Canada

There are two ruffles around the face.1875 cap CMC b

The ruffles are attached to a band that goes around the head.  1875 cap CMC e

It seems to be hand-made with a light cotton…I didn’t do a burn test…fairly sure the museum would not approve!  The back of the cap is poofy and attached to the band.1875 cap CMC c

The nape of the neck is covered with a gathered piece.

1875 cap CMC d

I should have check closer but I think the gathered piece at the back is actually a continuation of the top ruffle around the face.

It is pretty though.  I think I will copy this one when I finally get around to making one.

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