Could a’ used a Big Mac

I have a carte de visit of a woman with really odd arms.  I’d guess she has very thin arms and a very rigid corset on an already thin frame.  The pose sort of adds to the disproportion doesn’t it.  One could almost wonder if the odd pose is hiding frames to keep her frail or dead body in place.
SAM_3057 They have been identified on the back.SAM_3058

It reads: “A sister of G. Gram.  Mrs. Abramson and her husband.  Taken around 1860.”

My guess is G. Gram means Great Grandma.  The 1860’s looks right for hair and dress.  To bad the faces are so washed out.  I’d love to see what they really looked like.  (And see if she is really alive.)  But, all collectors hope they have a postmortem photo….

One thought on “Could a’ used a Big Mac

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