Rant: all I want to do is craft!

I am sitting on my couch as I type this.  Beside me is a new bag I got from the local craft store.  In it: beads for a beaded bag I want to knit.  Also a ball of wool.  In spite of my “don’t buy more wool until you use up what you have” rule, I bought more wool.  Because it is pretty.  I’m going to crochet a baby dress…for a baby I don’t have.

Also beside me is at least 5 other half-finished projects for knitting or crocheting or weaving.  BEHIND the couch is probably another 10 projects half started…all wool that I bought because it is so pretty.

In my basement there is another 20 or more projects that have been half done for 10 or more years.

In my sewing room there is one dress…half done.  A tablet weaving project that needs to be cut off of the cards and finished off, a pile of origami paper that I bought on an origami binge, two adult coloring books (latest binge) and several sewing project ideas in various stages of amassing materials and notions.

I have a problem.  I am a craft-aholic.  Seriously, the problem is I love to craft but my job pulls me away from it and if I get pulled away from something often enough I lose momentum.  But, if I don’t work I can’t afford the house that I’m piling my crap up in, I can’t afford the crafting crap I’m amassing and it probably isn’t in my best interest to be sitting in front of my computer day in and day out knitting anyway.  What is a girl to do?

I think I need to go through all my stuff and figure out which of these things I still want to use/finish and then create some sort of schedule for finishing them…with a goal in mind.  A dead line of some sort.  I also need to avoid Pintrest which is guilty of giving me ideas for new projects to make and new skills to try.

And finally I need to forgive myself for breaking my no new wool rule and then make sure I reinstate it!

And with that, I am going to sign off and find the crochet hook I need to make that baby dress that I don’t need.  (Hope chest for possible grand-daughter?  When neither of my boys are anywhere near ready to start a family…I may be grasping at straws!)


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