Investigation begins-first page.

I want to investigate the photographs in my anniversary album and I will start with the first page.

Front page is of two young girls.

Front page is of two young children.

If you go with the idea that immediate family would dominate the first page, then we can hope that these two children are the book owner’s children. SAM_3238 The older child is obviously a girl.  The younger child is likely a boy as the hair is parted to the side.  Let’s carefully slide the photograph out of the page….SAM_3239

Whew! Did it…no damage done.  Now we know the children were at least in Toronto for a visit if not outright citizens of the city.SAM_3240

A quick internet search of Park Bros, at this address, places the range somewhere around 1891 and 1925.  I doubt the date is as late as 1925.  At least I hope it is not.  When we flip the card over we find a lovely photographer’s stamp.SAM_3241

The practice of large prints on the back became popular in the late 1880’s.  And I quote,

This confirms my belief that the 1920’s was too late a date.

I have no idea how to date children’s clothing or hair so that is no help narrowing the date.  So the best we can do is date the card from 1891 (based on the photographers address) and 1900 based on the card (assuming old stock was not being used up.)

I hope further investigation of the album will give us clues to the identity of the family.  I  am also hoping that this will lead us to the conclusion that it was actually a family album and not merely an album holding the treasures of a collector like myself!

That idea came into my head when I first saw the album in the store.  Another couple was looking at it (much to my horror).  The husband put it down  (much to my relief) saying, “none of these people look alike.  It was probably a photographers sample book or a collectors album”.  As there are random photographs from assorted photographers, it isn’t a sample book.  We still need to prove it is a family’s album.

2 thoughts on “Investigation begins-first page.

  1. […] estimate the card to  be from 1885-1890.  This would be prior to the date I estimated for the children (1891-1900).  If this is the dad, the photo would have been taken prior to their […]

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