Turn the page

We started with the babies.

Front page is of two young girls.

Front page is of two young children.

Then we turn the page in the album and we have….SAM_3242

My initial hope is these are the parents of the two babies.  It is still possible.  If it is, the photos were likely taken prior to the wedding.  You will see why I say this in just a moment.  Let us start with the gentleman.

A sharply dressed fellow who looks to be in his 30’s.  What a mustache!  SAM_3244Once slid out of his sleeve we find his photograph was done in Toronto like the children were.SAM_3246

J Fraser Bryce was at this location 1885-1903.  The card could be dated to the earlier end of this time span because of the color of the card.

“In the mid 1880s dark-colored cards were introduced and used until the early 1890’s. The most popular was a dark maroon and black.” (info found here)

The small plain print was more common in the early 80’s (but not unheard of later) so I’d estimate the card to  be from 1885-1890.  This would be prior to the date I estimated for the children (1891-1900).  If this is the dad, the photo would have been taken prior to their birth.

The next page is the female.SAM_3247If this is the mom, I would guess this would be prior to the wedding on several counts.  The first being, couple or wedding photographs typically have the couple in the same photograph or separately but in the same style to be a complimentary pair.

Being two separate cities made the complimentary pair a bit tricky!SAM_3250

John Ross seems to have worked in Winnipeg from 1882-88.  The lady’s card is dark with the photographer’s stamp in the front.  The main difference is the font is fancier which came into vogue in the 1882-1900.  So again, based on the color of the card and the location of the print, as well as the time the photographer was working, I estimate this card to be from 1885-88.


This date suits her fabulous bustle fashions to a tee. And this is a very similar time to the man and early enough to be the mother of the children.

Are these the parents of the children?  How did they meet?  What are their names?  Did they live in Toronto, where the man’s and the children’s photograph was taken?  Did they live in Winnipeg where “mom” is from and where I found the album?

5 thoughts on “Turn the page

  1. 2chicks2go says:

    I love these old pics. Have quite few from Toronto/Hamilton area of my own family! It certainly does make one wonder, when looking at these old photos, who, what, when, etc. Entire lives, gone. Kinda sad.

    • What is sad to me is that they are no longer remembered by their own family. Grandma dies and the kids see a pile of strangers and out the album goes. One wonders how many photos hit the dumpster. We all need to find the genealogists in our families and make sure they get the photos and the stories. We also need to label our photos and write those stories down!

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