HSF: Challenge 9 Brown


What the item is: small beige beaded bag
The Challenge: 9 Brown (beige is brown, right!)
Fabric: cotton for lining
Pattern: The Lady’s Assistant for Executing Useful and Fancy Designs in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work (1847) by Jane Gaugain
I made up the same pattern in a silk thread in a previous challenge. The bag was lovely but it doesn’t hold very much of my modern parafanalia. I thought the larger wool, beads and needles would make a slightly larger bag. It does. The pattern was also fun to make up inspite of the woes I had with dropped stitches so I enjoyed doing it again.
Year: 1847
Notions: fine wool, larger seed beads, set of double point needles appropriate for wool.
How historically accurate is it? 70%? I think they would have lined it in silk not cotton but I had the cotton in my stash. The beads are glass and I’m not sure they would have had glass BRONZE beads. I think their metallic beads would have been metal. I am unsure that wool would have been used. The pattern called for silk but I’m not sure a thrifty woman wouldn’t have stash busted and used available wool.
Hours to complete: about 30 which is much less than the silk bag. With everything being bigger I found it easier to see and handle with my middle aged eyes and hands.
First worn: Not yet
Total cost: $4 for the beads and $8 for the wool.


One thought on “HSF: Challenge 9 Brown

  1. In the long run, I do think the blue silk bag will last longer than the beige wool one as the silk is considerably stronger. It will make heirloom status, the beige will not.

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