Turn the page: couple and single

The last page of my new photo album that I wrote about was a man and a woman.SAM_3242

The man’s photo was taken in Toronto (as was the children’s photo on the previous page) and the woman’s photo was taken in Winnipeg.

The next page features a couple on one side and a young lady on the other.SAM_3253

Let’s focus on the couple first.


Once out of the album, we see that the couple were from Winnipeg like the lady from the page before and also where the album was purchased.


With a convoluted search that I wont trouble you with the links for, I discovered the photographer was J.F. Mitchell and he was working in Winnipeg from 1889-1907.  The lady’s hair style was popular in the 1880’s but the dress looks more belle epoch than bustle so I will estimate the photo to be 1889-1895.

Next is the young lady.  Snappy winter ensemble she has!


Once we slide her out of her sleeve we see she did not have her photo done in Winnipeg.SAM_3258

In fact, it wasn’t even done in Canada.SAM_3259

There is only a river between Canada and Sault Ste Marie Michigan and Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada.  They were one city until the war of 1812.  Those naughty Americans tried to make Canada another State.  A treaty after the war divided the city in half.  Was this girl a Canadian going to school in the States?  Was she on holiday?  Was she an American cousin?

I can find no information on the photographer and I can only guess at the date of the photograph as well.  But based on the stamp in the front I’d estimate the photograph at 1882-1900.

One thought on “Turn the page: couple and single

  1. […] This girl is also from Sault St Marie.I wonder how/if they are related. […]

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