Turn the page: beginnings of a pattern

The next page of my photo album has head shots of a woman and a man.  There is a similarity in style that might lead one to believe these are companion photographs of a husband and wife.  As we will see in a moment, they likely are not as they were not taken in the same city.SAM_3260

So, let’s check the lady out…SAM_3261

1880’s hair and possibly 90’s sleeves. SAM_3262

I was not successful locating any information on the Farmer Bros. other than a few examples of their work.  James F Barke was a photographer in the 1880’s and 90’s. I was unable to find any information about 294 Queen Street other than it had various business’ (some of them photography studios) but no firm dates.

Now for the gentleman…SAM_3263

His latest fellow had his photograph taken in Sault St. Marie Michigan.


Okay,  lets look at the patterns.

General looks of the subjects….The gentleman above has the same mustache, hair color, eye brows and nose as the fellow from an earlier post on this album.SAM_3244

And the same nose as this fellow from the last post.SAM_3254

Perhaps these are brothers.


Winnipeg – album was bought in Winnipeg.

Photographs taken in Winnipeg.SAM_3247


(These two ladies are not the same lady and they do not look enough alike to make me think that they are sisters.)

Photos taken in TorontoSAM_3239



Photos taken in Sault St. Marie Michigan.SAM_3258


Does location imply family groups?  If the man, woman and children from Toronto, are a nuclear family why are they grouped in the book so randomly.  Were they put in by the original owner randomly?  In order of receiving them?  Are they even in the original place the first owner of the book put them in?  Have random family members and collectors pulled them out and rearranged them?  Are they even related to each other or known to each other as friends?

There are patterns but there are more questions than answers.

13 thoughts on “Turn the page: beginnings of a pattern

  1. There’s also the possibility of a seller filing the pages with random cards to sell an album at a higher price. I’m not saying this is the case! But it’s a practice unfortunately. I love the design on your album pages, so lovely.

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  3. […] He had his photograph taken by Lockwood & Lothian in Soo Michigan.  I didn’t have any real luck locating dates for this photographer.  And as I have said many times, I have no idea how to date men’s clothes.  But for connections to the other photographs I have a little more info.  Soo Michigan is 46 km or 28.5 miles from Sault Ste Marie Ontario.  Who, from this album is from Sault Ste Marie? […]

  4. […] think he looks a lot like this fellow…. (also from the album).  What do you think?  Same […]

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