Why reinvent a crappier wheel!

On Saturday I went to a craft sale.  I had minimal interest in the sale itself…what I really wanted was to get inside the building it was being held in.  The building was an old CP Rail building (1904) that had be converted into a space for the local aboriginal community to use.  Not being of aboriginal decent, I had no earthly reason to go in it.

My primary interest in it was that it was the forth station to stand on that site and it was at that site, my Great Grandfather would have arrived in Winnipeg before walking a couple of blocks to get to a hotel.  He spent the night in the hotel and then walked across the street to the old city hall to find work.  I did a blog post about that a few years ago.

While at the craft sale, I took photos with the intention of sharing here.  There was such a crush that it was doubtful these photos would have looked good.  Well, low and behold, I found a Facebook page that did a much better job…so enjoy!


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