Wanted dead or alive

A few weeks ago, we had a Western themed party at the nursing home.  We enjoy photo ops so I came up with this one.photo

To create this poster board master piece, I free-handed the hat, head, hair and shoulders in pencil.  It is plainly obvious that I free-handed the lettering as well.  Then I painted it all in.

The parts I am most proud of is the torn edges and the bullet holes.  To make the torn edges, I simply tore the edges, being careful that there were more layers peeled off than actual chunks taken out.  Then I did the painting.  The yellow was first.  I added water to yellow paint and created a wash.  I covered that whole poster board in it.  Once dry, I took undiluted yellow paint and roughly went over the torn part to give it “depth”.

The bullet holes are more serendipity than skill.  I happened to drip black paint while doing the lettering.  When I tried to wipe it up, it smeared.  Then I tried to touch that up with more yellow paint.  And it looked terrible.  Then inspiration struck!  If I put more black paint in the center and then brush it while it was still wet, I’d create sunburst effect that looked like bullet holes (those holes are near the R in REWARD).  I liked it and so I created the others for balance.

My Dad was an artist.  I can toss around those artsy-fartsy words (wash, depth, balance) with some proficiency. Thanks Dad!

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