Trying something new!

I like trying new things.  By trying things I can tell if it is merely something I appreciate or if it is something I must acquire.  For example, I have always liked the look of belly dancing.  So I took lessons.  After a few lessons I learned what a skill it truly is.  I appreciated how many hours it takes for dancers to reach a skill level that makes watching them wonderful.  But, seeing how little I practiced and how little I actually missed it when I took the summer off, I learned that I didn’t like it enough to acquire the skill for myself.  Oh well, every artist needs an audience and as far as belly dancing goes, I’m in the audience.

This week my new thing is spinning wool.  This may have more chance of taking as I already like knitting and it is a historical skill and I like history.  I’d really like a spinning wheel but before I cough up that kind of money for a thing that will take up more room in my house (and time in my life) I need to try it out on a smaller scale.  Enter the drop spindle.

A pal/cousin of mine and I went to a fiber festival last weekend and we saw wool in various stages.  Knitted items for sale.  Wool of every hue and natural fiber.  (Repeat after me:”I can not buy more wool until I use up what I have.)  That was frustrating.

Then there was wool that was not spun yet.  Some dyed, some not.  It isn’t breaking the wool rule when it isn’t spun right?SAM_3324

Wool that was not washed and combed and wool still attached to the animal.  The unspun wool (aka roving) in the above photo is alpaca. May be it came from one of these 5

photo 4 photo 3

photo 2

photo 1Cute, aren’t they?

Since I had the roving, I had to do something with it.  So I bought a drop spindle as well.SAM_3322

My first few feet are a bit lumpy and 1 (2)

But, it got better as I went 3 (2)

I’m going to have to put it down for a few days though.  Apparently spinning for 5-6 hours can cause blisters!photo 4 (2)

My pain is worth it though.  My wool is more even and it is thinner without breaking as often.  I can see it will take a ball or two to get the thickness more consistent.  It will take a few dozen balls to get to the point where I can decide my thickness before hand and then CONSTANTLY spin 2-3 ply to put together and end up with what I was aiming for.  So far, I like it and I still want to get a spinning wheel.  May be a new skill to acquire… not just appreciate.


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